BPM Digital

BPM digital provides expert BIM support tailored to your business requirements; whatever stage you are at.

Our services are bespoke and include complete drafting of BIM documentation, as well as reviewing, editing, training and support services.

Our core services will help you to establish your internal systems and processes within your organisation to make sure you are getting the most out of your teams and technology. Our experienced team will educate you on BIM Protocol and we will show you how to use Autodesk software to help you achieve better results.

Our core services include:

Practical BIM Workshops

Aimed at architects, MEP consultants and contractors, our practical BIM workshops will enhance your understanding of industry specific BIM guidelines, documentation & requirements, and introduce practical skills for use in projects.

Delivered by an experienced BIM practitioner, it will be a chance to grow your BIM knowledge and learn how to tackle this challenging field. From the benefits achieved through the use of COBie Revit Plugins to the risks and opportunities of competing systems, software and approaches, our workshops will be an opportunity to have your questions answered by an expert in their field and provide valuable learning wherever you are in your BIM journey.

Preparing you for the challenges ahead and equipping you for the pitfalls others have faced, our BIM workshops can be tailored to benefit any beginner or experienced professional.

Guidance to Achieve BIM Level 2 Accreditation

Achieving BIM Level 2 accreditation can be a daunting and confusing journey. Our BIM experts have expertise both developing BIM within Tier 1 organisations and implementing BIM within SME’s. We will not only ensure you satisfy all legislative requirements, but also show you how you can use the systems and processes to the advantage of both your own organisation and that of your clients.

Project Level BIM Guidance

We will work closely with you to design a solution that ensures BIM becomes an everyday part of your organisation, at every level. We have proven experience finding innovative solutions to information gathering on complex projects both large and small, and we understand that the successful implementation of BIM is reliant not just on technology but the active participation of all staff.

EIR Production

We can produce, edit, review and develop Employers Information Requirements (EIR) documents to define the information that will be required from all parties for any built asset such as buildings, bridges, tunnels and highways. Our BIM experts are knowledgeable of all legislative requirements and can tailor their services to your individual needs. Whether you are new to the BIM journey or have existing systems in place, we can work with you to ensure your documentation is thorough, precise and satisfies all criteria.

Employer / Client Project Level Representation

We can provide dedicated professionals to audit and enforce your BIM requirements. To get the best from your BIM systems we will embed a system of behaviours, cultures, systems and processes to promote the requirements of any EIR, ensuring the necessary information is gathered continuously, processed correctly, and presented in the most useful manner.

Bespoke BIM Training

Whether you require assistance with BIM documentation, software, or implementation we can work with you to produce and deliver bespoke training packages, from beginner level to expert, enabling you to get the best from your teams and technology.

BIM Documentation

Employers Information Requirements (EIR)

We can produce, edit, review and develop EIR documents to define the information that will be required from all parties for any built asset such as buildings, bridges, tunnels and highways. Our BIM experts are knowledgeable of all legislative requirements and can tailor their services to your individual needs. Whether you are new to the BIM journey or have existing systems in place we can work with you to ensure your documentation is thorough, precise and satisfies all criteria.

Asset Information Requirements (AIR)

We can produce, edit, review and develop AIR documents to strengthen and define your asset management strategy and asset information models. The AIR will be a clearly articulated document that will lead to the development of a digital plan for deliverables to inform the EIR in terms of legal, commercial, financial, technical and managerial information. We can become involved with an AIR at any stage, offering our expertise to improve existing documents or develop them from inception to completion.

BIM Execution Plans (BEP)

We can produce, edit, review and develop comprehensive BEPs (both pre and post contract) to reflect the requirements of any EIRs including project implementation plans, goals for collaboration & information modelling, effective & achievable project milestones and deliverables strategies. Our BIM experts will use their detailed construction knowledge to design BEPs that are not only effective and efficient, but deliver additional value to your clients.

Business BIM Implementation

Working to establish processes and procedures aligned to your objectives, we will work with you to develop an effective and efficient BIM solution, specifically tailored to reflect your industry and organisation. We can develop a full suite of documents and identify any software requirements to enable a successful BIM implementation.

Supply Chain Capability Assessments

We can work with you to create reliable and repeatable pre-qualification questions to assess your supply chain, taking into account project demands, employer requirements and the ever changing BIM landscape of the future. We will work with you to consider the results of assessments and help you to assemble a supply chain package suitable to the BIM needs of your own organisation and that of your clients.


A visualisation of a project can have significant benefits in terms of stakeholder buy in and the setting of clear expectations for clients and suppliers alike. Our software experts will work with you to develop clear, accessible visualisations built to include accurate and useable project information.

Information Management

Our Information Managers will set and manage your Common Data Environment (CDE) to enable effective collaboration, quality control and waste minimisation. We will manage all digital information about any types of built asset and work with you to establish a culture within your organisation that fosters the exchange of information and builds collaborative behaviours in through proven processes and systems.

Model Federation / Clash Rendition Services

We can produce federated models containing multiple levels of information from structural to architectural, M&E, health and safety, lifecycle and maintenance. Our precise clash detection services will significantly minimise construction risks enabling smooth projects, delivered on time and within budget

bPM Digital case studies

Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MECD)

Our BIM expert provided consultancy services for this £350m Design and Build engineering campus masterplan for the University of Manchester. Advising on BIM documentation and Navisworks software, we also acted as the contractor’s representative by attended and advising during clash detection meetings.

As part of our added value on this project we produced early fly through demonstrations using animations based on federated models to give our client an understanding of the spatial aspects of the project. This provided an early opportunity for our client to plan the use of space appropriately, in an informed manner, so issues could be avoided when using the completed project.

Engineering Innovation Centre

We provide continued client side Information Management services for a £30m state of the art teaching, research and knowledge exchange hub which is part of a larger £200m masterplan for the University of Central Lancashire.

Throughout this ongoing project we have assisted in the production of the EIRs, BEPs and overseen numerous COBie data drops. Liaising with facilities management consultants we continue to review the collaborative processes between the project information model and the facilities management software by ensuring effective and accurate exchange of information between Archibus and Revit software.

Providing advice of the Common Data Environment COBie requirements, we ensure our client knows what to expect from other consultants and contractors in their roles, attend clash detection and rendition meetings, and monitor data exchanges at agreed exchange points.

The National Graphene Institute

Our BIM Manager provided consultancy services for a Design and Build specialist research facility for the University of Manchester valued at £35m.

This prestigious project, built to house Nobel Prize winning research projects in the study of graphene, involved challenging and unique requirements due to the complex infrastructure, M&E specifications, clean room restrictions and separated concrete frames that needed attention to minimise the risk of vibration.

Using our BIM solution we were able to detect clashes at the earliest stages of the project which resulted in savings in the region of £100, 000 and logistical enhancements that minimised potential programme delays. We were further able to assist our client by creating a federated BIM model populated with O&M Manual data, relevant weblinks and PDF information packs.

One Spinningfields

This private sector project involved a £63m mixed use, two stage Design and Build office, retail and restaurant space in the heart of Manchester.

Using our inhouse expert’s experience gained on public sector projects we were able to deliver similar benefits to our client through the implementation of our BIM processes and procedures. Throughout the project we used field BIM to inform the build and coordinate the services, including installation and construction, and achieved financial and programme benefits for our client above and beyond the usual expectations of private sector projects.